Posted by Manny DeMelo on October 17th, 2018

tigerstripes gutterAs a homeowner, there are many places where you wouldn’t mind seeing stripes — curtains, bed linens, wallpaper, and rugs for example. One place you don’t want to find stripes, however, is on your eavestroughs.

In this blog, we look at what “tiger stripes” are and the actions you can take to eliminate them.

What Are Tiger Stripes?

Tiger stripes, the black lines that sometimes appear on the front of eavestroughs, are caused mainly by an accumulation of dirt and debris in or on the edge (or lip) of eavestroughs. When it rains, contaminated water trickles over. The particles that are left as the water dries will over time leave the marks we know as “tiger stripes”.

As unsightly as tiger stripes can be, homeowners can rest assured knowing two things:

  1. Tiger stripes are typically not a sign that there is a problem with the paint or coating on your eavestroughs. They are simply streaks of dirt that need to be cleaned away.
  2. In the majority of cases, tiger stripes aren’t hard to clean and won’t do permanent damage to your eavestroughs as long as they’re removed in good time.

What’s the Best Way to Eliminate Tiger Stripes on Eavestroughs?

1. Clean Your Eavestroughs Regularly to Remove Tiger Stripes

If the marks on your eavestroughs haven’t been there for too long or are caused only by dirt, a simple non-abrasive household cleaning product often does the trick. For more stubborn stains like sap, you may need to purchase a more intensive cleaner or one designed specifically for use on eavestroughs. Apply your cleaning solution by rubbing gently and using a soft sponge, cloth, or brush. Using a rough material like an abrasive cloth or metal brush can also harm the paint and finish, as can rubbing too aggressively. Once you’re done, just rinse off your eavestroughs with a garden hose!

Regardless of how tough the tiger stripes are, we would strongly caution against using any cleaners that incorporate abrasives, solvents, paint remover, or ammonia. These substances can wear away at the paint and coatings on your eavestroughs, making them more vulnerable to damage down the road.

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2. Prevent the Appearance of Tiger Stripes with Alu-Rex’s Roll-Back and Dura-Clean Technologies

Alu-Rex gutter protection products are engineered to make keeping your eavestroughs clean a hassle-free process. Roll-Back technology keeps water inside the eavestrough during even the heaviest rains, while Dura-Clean technology features a drip edge that discourages the formation of tiger stripes by allowing water to drip directly to the ground instead of running down your eavestroughs and siding.

alu-rex gutter protection products

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