About Windows, Doors, Decking, Fences, and Home Improvement Projects

Windows & Doors

Energy efficient windows increase the comfort level in your home by reducing cold drafts, and making a house feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

They help control condensation because the interior surfaces of energy-efficient windows stay warmer, allowing you to maintain a higher level of humidity without worrying about condensation on your windows.

They also last longer because condensation can cause premature deterioration of windows, walls, and finishes, leading to high maintenance and replacement costs.

Most importantly, energy efficient windows save a lot of money. By minimizing air leakage and improving thermal performance of your windows, you could reduce heat loss through windows by up to 50% and reduce your energy bills!

Typically, you will get a 30-40% noise reduction with a regular double paned window over a regular single paned window.

Please note: new windows cannot reduce the noise completely, since there are many ways for sound to enter your house; fireplaces, walls, doors, and vents all allow sound into your home.

Argon is a safe, odorless, colorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, inert gas that is commonly used in place of air between the glass panes of an insulated Low-E glass unit.

Argon’s heat conductivity is lower than that of air, and thus it is a better insulator and contributes to a lower U-factor. Argon is not an effective solar performer by itself; that is why it is only used in conjunction with Low-E glass.

Generally window and door orders will take 4 to 6 weeks. Our office will contact you within 5 days of installation to confirm the start date.


All custom decks, additions, etc. that require a building permit will receive a professional drawing by an architect and will be stamped by a qualified engineer, only after a proposal has been signed.

This qualifies the project and makes the process of applying for any permits much easier. If permits are required for your renovation (building, plumbing, etc.) you can rest assured that all necessary documents will be acquired on your behalf.

Most projects take about 4 to 6 weeks from start to finish, following the submission of architectural drawings and the issuing of appropriate permits. However, factors such as type of project, the size of your space, and your choices in finished materials can affect the length of time to complete your project.


The current trend is darker colours. For the last 10 years, however, the most popular colours have been earth tones, greys, and traditional whites.

We usually recommend matching colours to the posts. It adds subtle detail with aluminum texture against the vinyl. Gentek’s aluminum and vinyl colours are identical in shading.

We always try to do a darker roof than the siding, if possible. The roof colour gives weight to the house.

The modern trend is for the soffit, fascia, and trough to all be the same colour. This creates an elegant look compared to the classic option of white soffit and differently coloured fascia and trough.

A good rule of thumb is one every 40 feet.

Many times, landscaping work over the years conflicts with the original locations of the downpipes. The nice thing about installing new trough is the ability to re-slope it and relocate the downpipes in more suitable locations.

Cleaning your troughs is important to keep water away from your foundation. It can be a dangerous task, but troughs require continuous cleaning. When you are cleaning the troughs, be careful not to damage them by resting your ladder heavily against them.

You can eliminate the need for regular trough maintenance with a gutter guard. We offer an Alu-rex gutter protection system that stops debris from getting into your eavestroughs.

Right now, the vertical Board & Batten style of siding is quite popular.

However, it’s important to discuss your preferences and vision with an experienced contractor who knows how to get you the look you want. We offer free in-home consultations to help you determine the right siding for you!

Mid to top lines are thicker and more extruded than Builder Grade lines.

We provide Gentek vinyl siding, which has a lifetime warranty against both fade and failure.

For the previous 10 years, traditional white, grey, and earth tones have been popular. However, a more recent trend is darker coloured siding.

Ultimately, your siding colour depends on your style and tastes – it’s up to you!

In our experience, a home’s appearance benefits when its siding colour matches its posts. We offer Gentek products, which offer identical shading for the aluminum and vinyl colours.

Eavestroughs, Soffit, and Fascia

It depends on the style and look you’re going for with your home!

The classic trend is white soffit with differently coloured fascia and trough.

The modern trend is for all three to be the same colour.

We recommend one downpipe every 40 feet.

If your home has had landscaping work done, it may have created conflicts with the original downpipes. A new trough can be re-sloped, relocated, and redesigned to work with your current home.

Typically 5 inch troughs are preferred, as they are more visually attractive and cost-effective. But for homes with a large amount of water runoff or long rafters, 6 inch troughs can be better (as long as your fascia size allows it).

Standard-sized downpipes tend to be more visually appealing than oversized ones. Troughs and downpipes are necessary for water management, but sometimes aren’t aesthetically attractive. Therefore, we do our best to keep them out of sight.

Oversized downpipes are a good option for modern homes that want to maximize water evacuation in short trough runs.

Eavestroughs need regular cleaning to do their job, which is to keep water away from your home’s foundation.

If you are cleaning your troughs, make sure to carefully place your ladder so it won’t damage them with its weight.

A gutter guard, such as the one we offer from Alu-Rex, eliminates the need to clean out your troughs. With a gutter protection system in place, debris won’t be able to get into your troughs in the first place.