Posted by Manny DeMelo on March 3rd, 2017

Snow and ice can put a strain on your eavestroughs, causing them to become backed up and weighed down if they’re not regularly cleared.

Alu-Rex’s gutter protection systems provide continuous defence to proactively protect your eavestroughs all yearincluding throughout the winter – with built-in features like:

  • Perforated aluminum guards (Alu-Perf and Roll-Back technologies) that ensure snow and ice remain on top, while water is able to drain normally.
  • Waterproof construction to prevent rusting, cracking, warping, or chipping.
  • T-Rex Continuous Hangers for end-to-end, uncompromised strength.

Check out this time-lapse video to see Alu-Rex’s year-round performance in action:

Do you want to learn more behind-the-scenes details about how the video was filmed? Click here to read more from Alu-Rex!

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