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A home’s windows add character, light, and interest – and they play an important role in keeping energy bills in check. Whether you want to update your home’s aesthetic, reduce outside noise levels, increase your home’s resale value, or boost its energy efficiency, Quality Exteriors can help. When we say we do windows, we mean it!

Impressive Design and Selection

We have access to the finest window manufacturers in the industry, allowing us to present you with quality vinyl, aluminum, and hybrid window choices.

Expert Craftsmanship

After designing your replacement windows, our carpenters install them with pride and precision.

A Long-Term Warranty

We back our workmanship with a 5 year warranty, and the windows we install come with long-term manufacturers’ warranties ranging from 25 years to a lifetime.

Complete Satisfaction

We specialize in providing quality exteriors of the highest caliber, and that doesn’t happen by accident. We work hard to earn your trust and ensure that you are completely satisfied.

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How Do I Know I Need New Windows?

  • Energy Inefficient: If your home is still holding onto its outdated single-pane windows or you see moisture stuck between dual-pane windows (evidence that gas is leaking out), your windows are likely not regulating temperatures inside your home as well as they could be.
  • Inadequate Insulation: This also plays a role in energy efficiency. In windows that are performing well, any openings surrounding jambs must be well insulated in order to prevent drafts.
  • Weathered Sills: Sometimes these are just in need of new paint, but if the problems go deeper (mold or mildew, for example) you’ll need to begin thinking about a replacement.
  • Intricate Casings and Trims: These might not be able to be matched exactly depending on their age and the type of material used.
  • Sensitive Cladding: Some exterior cladding like stucco can be especially sensitive to full-frame window replacements.


How to Find the Right Replacement Windows for Your Home

Window Replacements vs. Full-Frame Window Replacements 

Window Replacements

With this type of window replacement (sometimes called a ‘retrofit window replacement’ or a ‘pocket replacement’) we can keep your existing frames by simply inserting the new panes into them. This option is less invasive, less costly and can help homeowners maintain their home’s aesthetic.

Full-Frame Window Replacements

This type of window replacement requires removing the window in its entirety (frame and other components like casings, jamb extensions, and brickmoulds) in order to carry out a comprehensive restoration. This does come with a higher price tag, however it means no hidden damage will be left behind.

Which Option Is Right for Me?

Whether you need a window replacement or a full-frame window replacement ultimately comes down to assessing what condition your windows are in. If components like sills, casings, and trim are still in good condition, you will likely be able to replace the glass panes alone. If they are not, you will likely need to consider a full-frame window replacement.

Work with qualified professionals to get expert advice when assessing your options and determining what course of action will be right for you.


How Do I Choose the Right Windows? 

Once you know that you do need new windows, you can move onto the fun parts—picking the windows that will best suit your home!

There are typically three parts to this process:

1. Consider the Style of Window (or Windows) You Would Like

Eight of the most common types are:

  • Single or double-hung windows usually have two individual sashes and can be opened from the bottom by sliding up (single-hung windows) or moved in either direction to open at the top of bottom (double-hung).
  • Casement windows have one large sash as well as vertical hinges that let them swing out when opening.
  • Awning windows have hinges at the top and bottom so they can tilt to open.
  • Slider windows are built to open by sliding from side to side.
  • Stationary windows, sometimes called fixed windows, are not designed to open and close.
  • Picture windows are a large kind of stationary window. They are designed to let the maximum amount of light into your space and are often used near patios and porches.
  • Bay windows extrude outwards to provide more space. Typically they are a combination of stationary and moving window types. Transom windows are stationary windows that are set above larger windows and doors.

To see your options in person, visit your contractor’s showroom before making any purchasing decisions.

2. Pick the Preferred Material for the Frame

The two most popular choices are:

  • Vinyl: Requiring little to no maintenance, vinyl window frames come in a variety of colours to suit your aesthetic wishes and boast excellent insulation abilities.
  • Wood: This material is ‘the classic’, often chosen for its time-tested appearance and excellent insulation. It does require more attention and upkeep than vinyl, however, and needs to be painted periodically to prevent moisture from getting in unless exterior cladding is added.
  • Aluminum: These types of frames are durable and require little maintenance. Due to the nature of the material, they can also be made narrower to provide slimmer profiles.

If you would like the best of both worlds, you might consider a hybrid option where the outer and inner frames are made of different materials (for example, vinyl on the outside and wood on the inside).

3. Select any Extras and Features to Add

Some add-ons like grilles, hardware, and pre-painted frames are meant to change how your windows look, though they will not have an impact on how well they work. 

Other features like multiple panes, warm edge spacers, and inert gas fillings are meant to affect performance by making your windows as energy efficient as they can be.


Remember—the Right Installation Matters! 

Whatever type or style of window you choose for your home, working with the right installers makes a major difference. High-quality windows that are well installed will last longer and work better so that homeowners can enjoy the view for years to come.


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