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EavestroughsWith fall upon us, many homeowners have started tackling the usual chores like inspecting their home’s exterior, clearing eavestroughs, covering landscaping, and readying winter equipment.

If you have eavestrough protection, however, you can cross one of those items off your list without lifting a finger.

Check out these four reasons why you should install an eavestrough protection system this fall:

1. Reduce Eavestrough Maintenance Requirements

Although jumping into a big pile of dry leaves can be fun, scooping sopping wet ones out of your eavestroughs might not be. It’s important, however, that homeowners keep troughs clear – especially during the fall when they become particularly prone to being weighed down with leaves – to make sure water is able to flow without issue.

2. Prevent Structural Damage to Your Home

If your eavestroughs become clogged, water can easily become backed up to the fascia. If left unchecked, this can cause a range of problems including:

  • Your eavestrough system weakening.
  • Hangers and brackets losing their grip.
  • Water infiltrating your roof, causing additional structural deterioration.

If water is forced down your walls towards the bottom of your home, it can cause a host of problems as well. It can not only damage landscaping and flower beds, but also harm the foundation. That can necessitate expensive repairs should the root causes be left unfixed.

3. Protect Against Ice and Snow Damage

Winters in Southern Ontario can be rough for homeowners and their eavestroughs. As the outside temperature fluctuates, rain and snow will go through cycles of melting and freezing, expanding and contracting as that happens. If water is unable to make it out of your eavestroughs (whether due to volume, obstructions, or structural flaws in the trough) before refreezing, that can cause them to bend and warp.

4. Keep Animals Out of Your Eavestroughs and Home

Do you hear rattling in your attic? It could be coming from a commonplace source – like ductwork warming up for the winter or pipes that need to be checked – or from a family of squirrels or racoons using your home to cozy up for the colder months ahead.

Animals are experts at exploiting weak spots. If there’s a flaw around your eavestroughs (especially near the soffit or fascia) that has been damaged by water exposure, larger pests like racoons and squirrels will gnaw and pick away at them to create holes that give them quick access.

To keep animals out of your attic, make sure you:

  • Inspect your roof, eavestroughs, and siding to make any necessary repairs.
  • Remove sources of food located close to your home.
  • Trim overhanging branches back about six feet.
  • Install vent covers, chimney caps, and eavestrough guards.

Do you suspect you might already be sharing your home with a few unwanted animals? It’s important you don’t plug any holes until you are sure they are gone. If they become trapped inside your home, they’ll likely become panicked and cause greater damage.

Benefits of Alu-Rex’s Gutter Clean System

Alu-Rex’s eavestrough protection system completely minimizes seasonal maintenance. It features innovative, patented technology including:Alu-Rex’s Gutter Clean System

  • Roll-Back Technology to help keep water inside the trough during especially intense rains.
  • Alu-Perf Technology, which provides a balance between letting water drain properly and preventing debris from getting in.
  • Dura-Clean Technology to deter the formation of “tiger stripes,” the black lines caused when water accumulates and drips down the sides of your eavestroughs.
  • T-Rex continuous hangers to ensure your eavestroughs are free of weak spots by providing end-to-end strength.

Alu-Rex stands behind their eavestrough protection systems, offering a 25-year performance and material warranty and a 40-year guarantee against obstructions.

If you’re interested in learning more about installing an Alu-Rex gutter protection system on your home’s eavestroughs, get in touch with us to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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