Posted by Manny DeMelo on March 17th, 2015

So you’re thinking about remodelling your kitchen this year?

Good choice! I’m sure you’ve heard the mantra that kitchens and bathrooms are the best renovations to improve your home – for your own enjoyment and for resale value.

Your kitchen is certainly a space you want to dedicate ample time and effort to. It’s a hub in your home and you spend a lot of time cooking, eating, talking with your family, and entertaining in it.

If you know you want to renovate, but you’re not sure exactly what you want to do, you can use the top kitchen trends of 2015 for inspiration:

1.     Mix Vintage Style with New Innovations

Beautiful, old-fashioned décor is making a comeback – but that doesn’t mean returning to older functionality. Modern innovations can be merged with old world style to bring both charm and function to your kitchen design.

2.     Incorporate a Dining Area

So many homes today have a dining area within the kitchen, or at least connected to it in an open concept layout. Whether it’s a breakfast nook, your dinner table, or a kitchen island with stools, incorporating seating in the kitchen is a great idea.

Let’s face it; people are going to congregate in the kitchen no matter what, so why not give them a comfortable place to sit that harmonizes with the rest of the décor?

3.     White Cabinetry

White cabinets are ‘in’ right now. They’re clean and bright, and you can design any colour palate to complement them. Try a classic black and white colour scheme. Trendy and timeless.

Another great option right now is gray. Gray is coming up quickly as a new contender for trendy cabinetry design.

4.     Think Warm Metals like Bronze, Brass, Copper and Gold

Stainless steel is on its way out, as warmer metals take over in 2015. Everything from light fixtures, to faucets, to kitchen accents can be enhanced with bronze, brass, copper, or gold. It’s a beautiful way to add style to your kitchen.

And as a bonus – warm metals look great with white cabinetry.

5.     Maximizing Kitchen Storage

There never seems to be enough, does there? If you’re doing a renovation, why not improve your kitchen storage with clever additions while you’re at it?

Multi-tiered draws, storage options in unexpected places (a spice rack that pulls out of the small space between the fridge and the door or a cutting board that slides out from the cabinet), or some new kitchen drawer organization accessories may be just what you need.

6.     Walk-in Pantry

You know how there never seems to be enough cupboard space in your kitchen? A walk-in pantry is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, giving you all the room you need to store more.

A walk-in pantry is the perfect place to keep things that you don’t use every day – certain food items, extra paper towel rolls, that cooler you take camping, and so on.

7.     Embrace Technology

Technology has found its way into nearly every facet of our lives. It’s at home, at work, in our pockets. It makes sense, then, that the next trend is bringing some of that technology into the kitchen.

Do you like to listen to music while you cook? Add a built-in speaker system! What about watching the news or your favourite show? Put in a wall-mounted TV!

If you’re the type of person who loves tech, you’ll want to jump on this trend.

8.     Hidden Appliances

Using cabinetry panels, you can make appliances and technology practically invisible in your kitchen. Many people are going this route to emphasize the style of the room. Televisions, dishwashers, even refrigerators, can be hidden with cabinetry.

They’re there when you want them, and out of sight when you don’t.

9.     Save Money on Countertops

You don’t necessarily need the fancy, expensive granite countertops. If you’re worried about breaking the budget, you can go with a look-alike laminate countertop. Tons of manufacturers are creating laminate countertops that look more realistically like granite than they did in the past. Take advantage of that and save a bit of cash.

10. Personalize It!

No matter what the trends of the day are, you should always make sure to add your personal flair and sense of style to your renovation. Choose design options that make you happy and fit with the rest of your home!

Hopefully these 2015 kitchen design trends have given you some food for thought (okay, bad pun) for your next kitchen renovation! With the latest trends and innovations, you’re sure to find something you absolutely love.

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Manny DeMelo