Posted by Manny DeMelo on May 8th, 2015

Do you want to improve the energy efficiency and overall quality of your home’s outdated windows?

If the answer is yes, the first thing you should do is take look at your windows and determine if they’re in relatively good condition or poor condition.

The answer to that question will tell you whether your windows would be better suited to replacement windows or a full frame replacement.

Windows in good condition can be replaced, while windows in bad condition will need a full frame replacement. In this post, we will discuss window replacements.

Why Should You Do a Window Replacement?

A window replacement is the most economical method if you want modern, efficient, high quality windows.

Here are the top four benefits of getting a window replacement:

1. Lower Cost

As well as being the most budget-friendly way to install new windows, replacing your existing windows with modern ones will result in reduced energy costs. New window technology has much better “R-values”, which is a measure of how well the window resists heat loss.

Energy efficient dual pane windows that resist heat transfer can save homeowners up to 30% a year on energy costs!

If you invest in a window replacement, your wallet will thank you.

2. New Cleaning Options

New windows come with a variety of convenient cleaning options.

You can choose self-cleaning glass and other treatment options, or get windows that tilt or swing for easy cleaning access.  Either way, keeping your windows clean will become simpler and faster!

3. Less Disruptive

Getting replacement windows is less intrusive than a full frame replacement. Replacement windows do not disrupt your windows’ interior trim, casings, or sensitive exterior claddings.

Of course, this is why these things must be in relatively good condition for replacement windows to be the right choice.

Criteria for Replacement Windows

Your existing windows are candidates for a replacement window project if they are in decent condition and if they meet a combination of the following criteria:

  • Inefficient: Outdated single pane windows or dual pane windows with moisture in between the panes (which means gas is leaking out through the window).
  • Weathered Outside Sills: Weathered outside sills in need of cladding or paint (could have mildew or mould, depending on the quality of the builder’s materials).
  • Intricate Trims or Casings: Intricate interior trims or casings that cannot be matched due to stain or species of the wood.
  • Adequate Insulation: Openings surrounding the jambs and sill are still well-insulated and are not drafty.
  • Sensitive Exterior Cladding: Exterior cladding (e.g. stucco) is sensitive to a full frame replacement window.
  • Budget Constraints: Full frame replacement is too expensive for your budget.

Replacement Window Installation

Once you’ve consulted with a professional contractor and determined that a window replacement is the way to go, here is how it gets installed:

  • All moving parts are removed from area where the replacement units will be installed.
  • New custom-measured units are shimmed, trued, and anchored into place.
  • Low expansion insulation is infused around the perimeter.
  • New stops are trimmed inside while new custom aluminum capping is installed on the outside.
  • Small variations to the install are determined at the final measure stage.

Replacement windows are a great option for improving your home’s energy efficiency and appearance without breaking the budget.

However, a window replacement alone isn’t enough to remedy any rot or other hidden issues. Stay tuned for our next post, where we will talk about full frame replacements for windows in poor condition.

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