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As a homeowner, you’re well acquainted with the regular costs for heating and cooling your home. You spend money – especially in the winter and summer months – to make sure your living space is a comfortable temperature.

But did you know that in many homes, your energy costs can be significantly reduced simply by installing new energy efficient windows?


How Will Window Replacements Save Money?


Specifically designed to conserve energy, energy efficient windows are built with “low-emissivity glass” (low-E glass), improved hardware, and inert gas between panes (for double paned windows). With these improvements, windows are able to be more airtight than their predecessors.

These windows minimize air leakage and offer improved thermal performance, keeping the warm or cool air inside your home where it belongs. They can reduce heat loss through the windows by up to 50% – which will certainly decrease your utilities bill.

ENERGY STAR, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program (promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada), estimated in 2009 that homeowners could save $71 to $501 annually simply by replacing their home’s windows with more energy efficient models.


Choosing Energy Efficient Windows


Of course, not just any window replacement will result in these benefits. You must choose a contractor who can help you determine the right windows for your specific home.

Depending on your unique needs (if you have single vs double pane windows, windows that open vs windows that don’t open, 50 year old vs 10 year old windows, etc.), a contractor will be able to recommend the right solutions to help you save energy.

ENERGY STAR certified products are usually in the top 15-30% of their classes for energy performance. The certification means that the windows have been tested and they meet the strict technical requirements of ENERGY STAR.

Another factor to consider is the climate of the area you live in. Certain ENERGY STAR certified products are qualified for only specific climates. Here in Southern Ontario, we are in “Zone B”, according to ENERGY STAR. You must ensure your windows are rated for Zone B or colder (Zone C, D, etc.) to achieve maximum benefit. Windows rated for warmer climates, such as Zone A, will not perform as well in colder zones.

So don’t let extra dollars leak away through your windows – save money with energy efficient window replacements!

>> All windows we offer are ENERGY STAR rated. We will help you choose the best windows for your specific home. Contact us today or request a quote online!

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