Posted by Manny DeMelo on May 20th, 2015

Do you want to improve the energy efficiency and overall quality of your home’s outdated windows?

If the answer is yes, the first thing you should do is take look at your windows and determine if they’re in relatively good condition or poor condition.

The answer to that question will tell you whether your windows would be better suited to replacement windows or a full frame replacement.

In our last post, we discussed window replacements. Windows in good condition can be replaced.

However, windows in bad condition will need a full frame replacement, which is today’s topic.

Why Should You Do a Full Frame Replacement?

A full frame window replacement is the most thorough method for replacing your old windows with modern, efficient, high quality ones.

Here are the top four benefits of a full frame replacement:

1. All Issues Are Addressed

Rot, mould, poor insulation, or vapour barrier issues? A full frame replacement is your only option to remedy these problems.

That’s why a full frame replacement is the way to go if your windows aren’t in good shape.

2. Better Appearance

A full frame window replacement will have a better appearance than a basic window replacement. That’s because the entire window is getting a makeoverandevery piece is specifically chosen to go together, from design to installation.

With a full frame replacement, you will also have a larger area of glass to look out of – and it will let in more natural light, too.

3. New Cleaning Options

As with window replacements, full frame replacements open up new convenient cleaning options.

Self-cleaning glass and other treatment options are available, as well as windows that tilt or swing for easy cleaning access.  With these windows, cleaningbecomes a simple and quick task!

4. Lower Energy Costs

New window technology (e.g. energy efficient dual pane window) has vastly improved “R-values” (a measure of how well the window resists heat loss) when compared to older windows.

That means reduced energy costs – up to 30% per year!

Criteria for Full Frame Replacement Windows

Your existing windows are candidates for a full frame replacement project if they are in poor condition and if they meet a combination of the following criteria:

  • Inefficient: Outdated single pane windows, fogged windows, or dual pane windows that have moisture in between the panes (which means gas is leaking out through the window).
  • Rotted Outside or Inside Sills: Rotted outside sills and jambs; rotted or soft inside sills.
  • Mildew or Mould Present: It is not uncommon for lumber yard or big box store windows to fail after five years due to inefficient builder grade material.
  • Interior Trims Can Be Matched: Interior trims or casings can be changed or painted/stained to closely match your current trims. *A non-issue if you’re changing all windows.
  • Inadequate Insulation: You suspect inadequate insulation around sills, jambs, or headers.
  • Workable Exterior Cladding: Exterior cladding (e.g. stucco) is workable for remedial brick mould sill and frame change.
  • Sufficient Budget: Your budget will allow for the extra cost of this method (when compared to a basic window replacement).

Full Frame Window Installation

Once you’ve consulted with a professional contractor and determined that a full frame replacement is the right choice for your home, here is how it gets installed:

  • Entire window is removed to the studs, headers, and sill framing of your home.
  • All framing can be examined and repaired if rot or mould is present.
  • New full frame replacement windows are shimmed and trued to the opening.
  • Low expansion insulation is infused around the perimeter
  • New wood interior jambs are in place or site fabricated by carpenters.
  • Exterior brick moulds or custom maintenance-free aluminum capping is installed.
  • Seal at the wall is accessed and proper flashing and trims are installed.

Full frame replacements are a great option for improving your home’s energy efficiency and appearance while fixing any serious deterioration issues.

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