Posted by Manny DeMelo on April 11th, 2016

Keeping eavestroughs clear is a challenge for many homeowners. Cleaning them often becomes a seasonal ritual, although it can become a time-consuming and messy project to undertake.

Alu-Rex’s gutter protection systems are designed to make trough cleaning a thing of the past. Featuring patented technology, perforated aluminum sheets fitted into your eavestroughs keep them clear all year long to help them drain properly.

Why should you consider an Alu-Rex gutter protection system for your home?

1.      Keep Debris Out of Your Eavestroughs to Prevent Clogs

Letting your eavestroughs become weighed down by leaves or snow will stop water from flowing freely. With an Alu-Rex gutter protection system, debris stays on top or blows off of your eavestroughs to let them drain year round:

  • During the summer, clogged eavestroughs can cause water to flow towards your home. That moisture then seeps through the fascia, resulting in structural damage.
  • During the winter, snow can easily fill your eavestroughs. That causes them to warp as snow thaws and refreezes into ice during the early spring.

2.     Let Your Eavestrough Drain Year Round without Overflowing

Alu-Rex’s gutter protection systems have been independently tested to ensure they’ll never overflow. They’re proven to drain even the heaviest rainfalls, using patented technologies like:

  • Roll-Back Technology: keeps water inside the eavestroughs during particularly heavy rains.
  • Alu-Perf Technology: provides the ideal balance between drainage and debris protection, letting water move without overflowing.

3.     Maintain Your Eavestroughs’ Aesthetic AppealEavestroughs

Alu-Rex’s gutter protection systems hide discreetly inside your eavestroughs, making them:

  • Invisible when looking from the ground.
  • More aesthetically pleasing than traditional alternatives like spikes and hangers, especially when seen from inside your home.

Alu-Rex’s Dura-Clean Technology also prevents “tiger stipes,” – those unsightly black lines caused when water grabs accumulated dirt and drips down your eavestrough.

4.     Keep Insects Out of Your Eavestroughs

Stagnant water that collects in clogged eavestroughs is the perfect breeding ground for pesky insects like mosquitos. Alu-Rex’s gutter protection systems keep water flowing to prevent insects from making a home out of your gutters.

5.     Protect Your Eavestroughs from Seasonal Wear-and-Tear

Alu-Rex’s gutter protection systems are renowned for their durability and strength:

  • Made with weatherproof aluminum, Alu-Rex’s gutter protection systems won’t rust, warp, crack, or chip.
  • T-Rex continuous hangers provide end-to-end strength, making sure your eavestroughs are free of weak spots. How strong will they be? Strong enough to let five men just hang out!

Alu-Rex stands behind their products. Their products come with a 25-year material and performance warranty and an industry-leading, no-clog 40-year warranty.

If you’re interested in learning more about installing an Alu-Rex gutter protection system on your home’s eavestroughs, get in touch with us to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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