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Reputable Siding ContractorFinding a contractor to install or repair siding is about more than comparing prices. Investing in your home’s exterior is a major expenditure, which is why it’s important the job is done right. Choosing a less-than-reputable contractor – one who skips steps and cuts corners – to save a few bucks now can cause big problems down the road.

When you’re on the hunt for a contractor to work on your siding, how can you be confident you’re making the right choice?

Check out these five tips to help you choose a reputable, trustworthy home-services contractor:

1.     Research the Company’s Reputation

Make sure you do your homework on the contractors you’re looking at, paying attention to:

  • Customer Testimonials and Reviews: The best indicators of quality workmanship are real customer experiences. On company websites, look for testimonials. You can also check out third-party resources, especially HomeStars.
  • A Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating: The BBB database is there to help you find local, reputable service providers and publicize any complaints against the company – current or resolved. Quality Exteriors is BBB accredited and holds an A+ rating.
  • Location: Watch out for fly-by-night or door-to-door contractors. A well-established business will operate out of a fixed location. If a contractor provides you with a PO box, follow up and ask for their physical address as well.

2.     Verify the Company has Valid Insurance

Reputable home contractors will be covered by two kinds of insurance:

  • General Liability: Protects your home if the contractor causes damage while installing your new siding.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Protects the contractors and their workers if they’re hurt while completing work and the homeowner from being held liable for injury-related costs. 

If the company doesn’t have valid insurance and something goes wrong – whether your home is damaged or a contractor is hurt – you will be left responsible for covering repair and medical costs. Make sure you check a contractor’s credentials before going ahead with the work.

3.     Obtain a Written Estimate

Does a contactor promise savings if you opt for an under-the-table cash payment and overlook the written estimate?

Remember, saving a few dollars now can mean big problems later if the job isn’t done right.

Always get the details – including costs, materials, labour, and timelines – in writing. In addition to securing your investment, this will help you assess competing quotes.

4.     Secure a Warranty on Workmanship and Materials

Reputable contractors proud of their workmanship will offer warranties to back their services up. As you’re assessing your options, make sure you ask for:

  • A copy of the workmanship warranty
  • Manufacturers’ warranties for the products you’re looking at

Keep in in mind that improper installation might void manufacturers’ warranties, which is why it’s crucial to ensure you choose to work with a qualified, experienced contractor.

Quality Exteriors offers a five-year workmanship warranty.

5.     Don’t Make a Decision Based on Price

It’s very important you don’t make a price-based decision. You should compare quotes against each other, but ultimately you should make your decision based on the contractor’s reputation and the quality of the workmanship they provide.

How to Spot a Bad Contractor

It’s important to remember that, although the majority of contractors are reputable people who genuinely care about delivering superior service, there are bad apples out there.

As you’re researching your options, watch out for contractors who:

  • Make unsolicited visits or phone calls
  • Offer to get the job done using materials left over from a nearby job
  • Can’t verify their address or don’t operate out of a fixed location (door-to-door contractors)
  • Fail to provide valid insurance
  • Promise a heavy discount, but won’t provide you with a full estimate
  • Can’t or won’t provide references or customer feedback
  • Rely on high-pressure sales tactics (warning they’ll rescind a special price if you don’t sign right now or that your house is in danger)

Putting money into your home’s siding – whether a new installation or routine repair – is a serious investment.  It’s important you research the companies you’re considering so you can find a reputable, trustworthy contractor to perform quality workmanship and deliver superior results.

At Quality Exteriors, we chose our name for a reason. We’re committed to providing reliable workmanship using high quality materials to guarantee customers satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule your in-home consultation!

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